Building in the Age of Sustainability

In TaunusTurm the future of ecological construction is already a reality. The goal set during initial planning was to lower energy inputs and emissions to below the levels currently set by the German energy saving laws (EnEV 2009). TaunusTurm thus is an exemplary low-energy project, with sustainable solutions prioritized down to the last detail. The innovative high performance heating / chilled ceiling with its intelligent system requires less energy than conventional solutions. The building boasts a superb eco-balance thanks to intelligent air conditioning, solar-protection glazing, water-saving technology, rainwater usage, an efficient and intelligent elevator concept, individual lighting, waste rooms with recycling zones and many other ingenious innovations.

As a result, TaunusTurm received the “Platinum” certification according to the US LEED Standard (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for its resource-sparing construction.

Intelligent air conditioning

The natural stone façade reduces the cooling requirement in summer and heating in winter. All windows can be opened by hand. This way, tenants can enjoy fresh air, and the use of the heating / cooling system can be adjusted flexibly to the time of year. The guided exhaust air system on the inside of the façade fosters a pleasant ambient climate within the building throughout the entire year.

The heating and cooling levels can be set locally thanks to individual single-office and zone controls. Moreover, the entire heating requirement is provided by Frankfurt’s eco-friendly district heat network system. In summer, the environmentally friendly district heating is used to cool the building.